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e+ Course
 Types of e+ Courses
- Online Course: Courses are conducted 100% through the internet.
- Blended Course (Blended-Learning): Offline and Online lectures are integrated.
- Recorded Course: Repeating studies on the icampus is possible by recording lectures.
- Remote Video Course: Courses are conducted by remote videos in both the Humanities and Social Sciences and Natural Sciences campuses simultaneously.
 SKKU Internet Education System 
- The icampus system and internet address is www.icampus.ac.kr. 
- IDs and passwords for icampus are the same as GLS IDs and passwords.
 Course Sign-up
- Courses can be viewed on GLS the same way as general courses. Sign-up at http://sugang.skku.edu. Course sign-up is NOT on the icampus website. 
- Sign-up for virtual classes is only possible within the applicable credits per semester.
- New entries or alterations to the course sign-up breakdown will be applied to the icampus system on the next day.
 Participating in Courses
- Students should log in to the icampus and utilize the course plan to study, as well as participate in assignments, quizzes, and debates. 
- Students must click on the lectures (online and blended courses) at least once a week for attendance. 
- The dates and details about online courses will be posted on the GLS CYAN notice and icampus notice boards every semester before the semester begins.
Summer/Winter Semester(Undergraduate)
During summer and winter vacation courses suitable for intensive curriculums are opened, providing students with an extra chance to earn credits. There are no summer/winter semesters for graduate school students and they are prohibited from taking them.
 Period: Summer Vacation and Winter Vacation 
 Courses during Summer/Winter Semester
- Consists primarily of courses suitable for intensive curriculums including liberal arts/fundamental courses, co-op courses, field practice courses, and outstanding undergraduate research credit courses
- Balance category, writing and communication courses, online courses (100% internet courses), and teaching practice courses are not suitable for intensive curriculums and therefore are not available.
- Courses for each semester vary each year, and students are advised to take mandatory courses during regular semesters.
 Maximum Credits for Summer/Winter Vacation
- The maximum amount of credits students can take during the summer/winter semesters is 6 credits per semester and 9 credits per year.
- There is no limitation on the sum of credits students can take while in school.
- Enrolled students or students on a leave of absence during the semester (If a student took a leave of absence, even if the student fulfilled the required credits for graduation during the summer/winter semester, the student must register for one more semester and return to school. Students on a leave of absence can sign up for summer/winter semester courses twice during the leave.)
- Students in their last semester before graduation can take summer (August)/winter semester (February) courses and fulfill their requirements for graduation.
 Course Registration
- Course registration for summer/winter vacation is done at GLS. It is NOT on the course registration website used during the regular semester.