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Tuition Payment

 -  Enrolled students:SKKU GLS Login > Print out tuition invoice > Payment at  a local bank  or by bank transfer

  • Re-entering students: Request for re-entry > SKKU GLS Login > Print out tuition invoice > Payment at a local bank or by bank transfer
Payment Period
  • Spring Semester : Feb. 19 (Mon) ~ Feb. 23 (Fri), Mar. 7 (Wed) ~ Mar. 9 (Fri)
  • Fall Semester : Aug.20 (Mon) ~ Aug. 24 (Fri), Sep. 5 (Wed)~Sep. 7 (Fri)
Payment Methods
  • ① Bank Transfer : To the Virtual bank account stated on the invoice (available during 09:00-16:00)
  • ② Bank Visit :  At a local bank (Woori, KB, Shinhan, NH)
  • ③ Credit Card : On the Woori Card Company website (Only Woori card is acceptable, available during 09:00-22:00)
  • ④ Electronic Banking Service : Local banks’ online finance services (Woori, KB, Shinhan, NH).
Tuition Fee Installment
  • Application for two or four tuitino fee installments available on the GLS system
Tuition Fee Installment
  2 Installments 4 Installments
Amount of Each Installment 50% of tuition fee 25% of tuition fee
Application Period 4th week of Feb. (Aug.) 4th  week of Feb. (Aug.)
1st 1st week of Mar. (Sep.) 1st week of Mar. (Sep.)
2nd 4th week of Apr. (Oct.) 1st  week of Apr. (Oct.)
3rd - 4th  week of Apr. (Oct.)
4th - 3rd week of May (Nov.)

A student shall be subject to involuntary disenrollment due to overdue tuition fee payment if he/she does not make a payment for each installment fee in a timely manner; in this case, the paid tuition fee is not refundable. If a student wants to request a leave of absence while they are paying tuition fee installments, he/she needs to pay all of the remaining installments.