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VP's Greeting

With over six hundred years, Sungkyunkwan University has been educating individuals that have shaped the history of Korea. Now as the University aims to become a global leader in higher education, the SKKU Office of International Student Services’ mission is to find outstanding students from around the world and facilitate their academic achievement.

The OISS is tasked with recruiting the best and brightest international students. SKKU, with its ceaseless skyward drive up the international, Asian, and domestic ranking charts, is ever-focused on generating the most excellent of graduates. We are striving every day to find new eager, intelligent, and creative individuals to join our academic community. International students bring with them unique cultural perspectives, traditions, and heritages which is why we find our jobs so fascinating and enjoyable. We value the input of every one of our international students and relish the opportunity to teach them about the beauty of Korea and power of our university’s knowledge.

The other primary function of the OISS is supporting SKKU’s international degree-seeking students. The Office’s aim is to ensure the comfort, understanding, and assimilation of foreign students in South Korea so as to make their time here more productive and gratifying. International students are always welcome to visit our team with any questions, needs, or concerns they may have. We promise to provide them with the best service possible to help them in any and every way we can. We appreciate your interest in studying at SKKU and I look forward to seeing you here!

Park, Hyun Soon Ph.D.

Vice President of International Affairs
Sungkyunkwan University