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Administrative Office

Administrative Office

  • Freshman in Humanities and Social Sciences : Humanities and Social Sciences Campus College Administration Office
  • Freshman in Natural Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or Engineering : Natural Sciences Campus College Administration Office
  • Students within a specific department : College administration office of the department
  • Students with double majors : 1st major’s administration office

Major Responsibilities and Functions

  • Opening courses, determining class size limitations, classroom allocation, handling grades, conducting course evaluations, etc.
  • Leave of Absence, reinstatement, readmission, double major, early graduation, graduation evaluation, Bachelor-Master linkage program, etc.
  • Student counseling, scholarships, student activity support, etc.

Administration Office Locations and Phone number

Administration Office Locations and Phone number
Campus Administration Office Location Phone number
Humanities and Social Sciences Campus University College/College of Education Hoam Hall 2nd floor 02)760-0993/0968
College of Confucian Studies&Eastern Philosophy/College of Liberal Arts Toegye Hall of Humanities 3rd floor 02)760-0912~0919
Law School / Global Leader Law School 1st floor Law School 2nd floor 02)760-0922~0926
College of Social Sciences/School of Art Suseon Hall 5th floor 02)760-0904~0905
College of Economics/School of Business Business School 4th floor 02)760-0941/0942/0944~0945
Academy of East Asian Studies 600th Anniversary Hall 4th floor 02)760-0775
SKK GSB International Hall 2nd floor 02)740-1510
Graduate School of China International Hall 2nd floor 02)740-1542~1544
Sungkyun Language Institute Dasan Hall of Economics 3rd floor 02)760-1221~1224
Graduate School of Information and Communication Engineering Dasan Hall of Economics 3rd floor 02)760-1171~1172
Sungkyun Interfaculty Collaboration Center (Interaction Science) International Hall Basement 3rd floor 02)740-1855
Natural Sciences Campus University College General Studies 2nd floor 031)290-4221~4222
College of Sciences Natural Science 1 / 2nd floor 031)290-5801~5805
College of Information and Communication Engineering Engineering Building 1/ 2nd floor 031)290-5811~5815
College of Engineering Engineering Building 2/ 26 1st floor 031)290-5833~5834
School of Pharmacy School of Pharmacy 3rd floor 031)290-5875
College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering/College of Sport Science Life Science and Technology 2nd floor 031)290-5871~5873
School of Medicine Medical School 1st floor 031)290-6021~6024
Sungkyun Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology (SAINT) Research Complex 2 /2nd floor 031)299-4113~4115
Samsung Fusion Medical Science Center Samsung Hospital Cancer Center Basement 2nd floor 02)2148-7797~7799
Sungkyun Language Institute Engineering Building 1/ 27- 1st floor 031)290-5231
Sungkyun Interfaculty Collaboration Center Research & Business Center 6th floor Research Complex 2 / 1st floor 031)290-5702~5703
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