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Course registration

2019 Fall Semester Course Registration Schedule

Course Registration Schedule
  • Available hours for course add/drops (change of course registration) : 10:00~23:00
  • For first semester of transfer students, date for course registration will be on date for freshmen/transfer students. Starting from second semester, course registration will be done corresponding to the semester of study.
  • Semester for course registration depends on the‘Expected enrollment semester’(Number of semesters that the tuition is paid)
  • Exchange students can register course only within the‘exchange student slot’
  • You may drop registered courses regardless of assigned periods for your own academic semester.
  • The dates below are registration periods by semester of study:
Course Registration Schedule
Degree Program Semester of study Registration Date Offline/Online
Undergraduate 3rd-4th 8.14(Wed) Offline course
5th~6th 8.16(Fri)
7th or more 8.19(Mon)
3rd~4th 8.20(Tue) Online + Offline
All the courses
5th or more 8.21(Wed)
Inbound Exchange students 8.13(Tue) ~ 8.22(Thu)
※Except weekends and holidays(8.15)
Online + Offline
All the courses
Graduate school

‘Freshmen/Transfer Students’ refers to those who enter SKKU in 2019 Spring Semester.

If you login to Course Registration web-site and look at the left corner of your screen, you may check the date when your course registration opens.

Applicable Credits per Semester (Undergraduate)

Year 2005-2019 (Undergraduate)
Course Registration

College of Liberal Arts

Social Sciences

College of Social Sciences

College of Economics

School of Business

Global Leader

Global Business*1

Global Economics


College of Natural Sciences

College of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

College of Software

College of Semi-conductor Engineering

College of Engineering

College of Architecture

School of Art

College of Sport Science

Global Biomedical Eng.

College of Education*1

School of Pharmacy

School of Medicine

18 Credits (1st/2nd Year)

18 Credits

20 Credits

(1st/2nd Year)

21 Credits

27 Credits

15 Credits (3rd/4th Year)*2

18 Credits

(3rd/4th Year)

  • ¹If your maximum applicable credits are incorrectly shown in the GLS due to the LOA, please contact your administrative office and ask to correct it.
  • ²Those who transfered to SKKU since the 2013 spring semester can take up to 18 credits for the first 2 semesters.
Additional Credit Allowance for Students with Excellent Grades (Undergraduate)
  • If you take more than 15 credits without failing (3rd/4th year students from the College of Confucian Studies, College of Liberal Arts, College of Social Sciences, College of Economics, and School of Business take more than 12 credits) and get a GPA of 4.00 or higher, you can take an additional 3 credits the following semester.
  • The additional credit allowance will automatically be provided and students can use it even after a leave of absence. If you can’t find the extra 3 credits in your GLS, please contact your administrative office.
  • If your GPA is 4.00 or higher in the 8th semester, you need to pay the additional tuition fee for the 3 extra credits you received.
Restriction on Applicable credits for Students with lack of academic ability
  • For international students newly admitted as freshmen after the 2016 academic year, he/she must submit certificate of TOPIK level 4 or above to OISS until 3rd semester finishes(Jun.30/Dec.31). If one fails to do so, maximum credits the student can apply per semester will be restricted to 12credits.(Exemptions for English Track students)
If a student’s place of residence changes, they must report it to the local government office or its branch office that administers their residence within 14 days of moving.

Credits Carried Over (Undergraduate)

Due to a discrepancy between applicable credits and credits actually used, there can be 1 or 2 leftover credits each semester. Students are allowed to carry over leftover credits the following semester. (Undergraduate only)

Leftover credit: 2 or less (3 or more cannot be carried over as there are enough 3 credit courses)
The Leftover Credit Can Be Used in the Following Regular Semester (Cannot be carried over to the Summer/Winter semester)
(Example) Maximum applicable credits: 18
  • ① 2015 fall semester: used 16 credits only as there is no 2 credit course ⇒ The unused 2 credits are carried over to the following semester.
  • ② 2015 fall semester: used 16 credits only as there is no 2 credit courses. Then, withdraw 3 credits during the semester ⇒ The unused 2 credits are carried over to the following semester.
  • ③ 2016 spring semester: The maximum applicable credits are 20. However, if a student uses only 19 credits by his/her own choice ⇒ No more carried over
  • If his/her GPA in the previous semester is lower than 2.5 (including F), he/she cannot benefit from the credits carried over.
  • If the carried over credits are not used in the following semester, they will be eliminated automatically.
  • It is not applicable to a holdover or a student who registered for his/her extra regular semester (9 semester or more).
  • The leftover credits due to a course drop, course withdrawal, grade withdrawal, or additional credit allowance cannot be carried over.
When Carried Over Credits Can Be Found
  • Spring semester: the first day of course registration
  • Fall semester: after posting the final grades of the spring semester

Course Withdrawal (Undergraduate)

Students can give up receiving credit by withdrawing from some of the courses they registered for. (Undergraduate only)

Maximum Number of Courses That Can Be Withdrawn
  • 2 courses per semester
Course Withdrawal Application Period (by GLS)
Course Withdrawal Application Period (by GLS)
  Spring Semester Fall Semester
Application Mar.20(Wed) ~ 22(Fri) Sep.18(Wed) ~ 20(Fri)
  • A course withdrawal request can not be reversed after it is accepted.
  • Students can not take another course instead in the same semester.
  • Partial tuition refund due to course withdrawal cannot be acquired
    (※Course withdrawal is not giving up course registration but giving up receiving credit)
  • Grade withdrawal is canceled when an applicant takes leave of absence in the same semester.
  • If a student registers for only 1~2 courses, they cannot withdraw from all of them. Students can withdraw from only 1 course. At least 1 course should be taken.
Withdrawn Course Grades
  • No grading will be made on the withdrawn course. (No negative effect on applicants at all)
The withdrawn course will be indicated by a“W” on a student’s academic transcript. (It will not appear from the 4th year)

Retaking a Course (Undergraduate)

Retaking a course provides another opportunity to take a course with a poor grade (lower than C+).

Courses That Can Be Retaken
  • Courses with a grade C+ or lower which were taken within the past 4 semesters (Courses with an F are applicable since the 2012 spring semester)
  • Students can retake a maximum of 2 courses per semester.
  • It can be applied during the course registration period (check the assigned date to you in GLS).
  • You can register the retaken courses in the same way. (The retaken courses appear as “Retaken” in GLS)


  • The credits for retaking courses are counted in the maximum applicable credits.
  • If you fail the retaken course (get an F), it will not replace the grade you originally earned and you cannot retake the same course again.
  • Even though the course title is the same, you cannot retake it if its course code is different.
  • However, the courses of the School of Civil and Architectural Engineering can be retaken despite a discrepancy in the course code.
  • Students can retake a course with the same course code but having different credits. It will be retaken with the current credits or categories.
  • Students cannot retake a course taken more than 4 semesters ago or if they had a grade B or higher in it.
Grade of Retaken Courses
  • The original grade is replaced by a new one once a course is retaken. The highest grade a student can get by retaking is a B+.
  • If you fail the retaken course (get an F), it will not replace the grade you earned originally.

Grade Withdrawal

Students can delete their grades for the courses that they are not able to retake due to a course code change or closing.


- Students joined before 2018

 ※ Students jined after 2019 cannot withdraw their grade.


Maximum Number of Courses to Be Withdrawn
  • Courses taken since the 2005 academic year: up to 2 courses in total
  • Courses taken before the 2005 academic year: up to 2 courses each semester (There is no maximum total number of courses)
Applicable Semester
  • Courses taken since the 2005 academic year: from the 7th semester.
  • Courses taken before the 2005 academic year: available all semesters
Application Period
Course Withdrawal Application Period (by GLS)
  Spring Semester Fall Semester
Application Mar.11(Mon) ~ 13(Wed) Sep.9(Mon) ~ 11(Wed)

applied through the GLS and needs to approved by the dean of a student’s college

  • The grade withdrawal cannot be reversed once it is approved.
  • Partial tuition refund for grade withdrawal is not possible.
The grade of a withdrawn course does not have an impact on GPA.

Applicable Credits Per Semester (Graduate)

The total credits are distributed in equilibrium to complete them within the prescribed regular years of study. The total credits of the graduate course are smaller than the ones in the undergraduate course because the graduate program requires more self-research rather than the lectures.

Maximum Applicable Credits per Semester
Maximum Applicable Credits per Semester
Graduate Program Degree Max. Credit per Semester Additional Applicable Credits
General Graduate School Master 9 N/A
Combined Master & Ph.D. <Joined up until 2011>
3 additional credits allowed during 2 semesters
<Joined since 2012> 3 additional credits allowed in the 1st semester
Ph.D. <Joined up until 2011>
3 additional credits allowed during 2 semesters
<Joined since 2012>
3 additional credits allowed during the first 2 semesters
Professional Graduate School Professional Program 18 Check the internal regulations of the Law School/Medical School
9 3 additional credits allowed during 2 semesters
Master 6
  1. Social Welfare: 3 additional credits allowed during 2 semesters
  2. Education, Clinical Nursing: Check the internal regulation
  3. Others: 2 additional credits allowed during 2 semesters

*If you joined before 2012, the extra regular semester is also counted in 2 semesters.